Private 1:1 Clarity Sessions

Geometry of Grace is a paradigm rooted in the intersection of three powerful sacred systems (Human Design, Western Astrology, and Vedic Astrology). This paradigm was created by Dr. Alec Verkuilen-Brogan. Based in the belief that the path to healing and self-actualization are one, this paradigm is designed to support you in remembering your unique essential nature and soul’s path.

Inside these sessions, you’ll receive 1:1
personalized support to begin living and leading in a more spirit-led way.

Inside these sessions, you’ll receive 1:1
personalized support to begin living
and leading in a more spirit-led way.

Geometry of Grace rests on the understanding that you have an essential nature. And that the more deeply you can know, embody and be in right-relationship with your essential nature, the more deeply you can access genuine fulfillment, purpose, ease, and direction in your life.

Geometry of Grace is perfect for you if…

You’re at a time of transition and looking for guidance

You’re seeking more coherence, clarity, and confidence in your next steps

You’d like to understand the karmic imprint for your journey in this lifetime

Remember what you came here for with Geometry of Grace.

In these Geometry of Grace sessions with Kris Boesch, you’ll receive personalized support and guidance to come into deeper connection with yourself and your path. Bring your questions, your challenges, and your full self to these sessions.

No matter where you are on your journey, these sessions will support you in building a life that aligns with your essential nature and highest path.

This powerful and supportive paradigm is quite deep and dynamic - as are you! You can choose one session to receive profound guidance or multiple sessions to allow for integration and embodiment to make real, lasting shifts in your life and work.

Choose What Works:

1 x Session: $400


4 x Session Package: $1080


What People Are Saying…


“Trusting my intuition has been a fearful process in my lifetime but through my Geometry of Grace reading I feel newly confident in my inner knowing. Through this process, there’s a new level of trusting myself and knowing I can count on my own guidance that’s within me all the time.”


“I feel such a deep sense of peace that I’ve never felt before. I feel like I don’t need to make myself wrong for not being a certain way. I fully embrace the way I am.”


“I can literally feel my core essence in a deeper way. I feel such a deep sense of peace in coming back to myself. I feel like I can truly live now. And as a leader I’m an example for others in their journey to accepting and embracing themselves, to coming back to wholeness.”