Spirited Leadership opens up a new way to live, lead,
and work outside of hustle and grind culture.

Get a taste for these teachings inside our free monthly Spirited Leadership Cafe,

Receive private 1:1 support and a personalized exploration
of this work with our 
Geometry of Grace  readings, or

Be fully immersed in the spirited leadership framework
The Spirited Leadership Experience.

The Spirited Leadership Experience

The 6-day retreat and 6-month online immersion for leaders and visionaries. 

Revolutionize the way you lead inside The Spirited Leadership Experience. You’ll learn the full Spirited Leadership framework, as well as receive the practices, tools, examples, and support to transition you and your team out of workaholic culture and into spirit-led leadership.


Geometry of Grace 

Deep-diving 1:1 sessions with Kris Boesch.

Inside these private 1:1 sessions, you’ll receive the clarity you need to begin aligning with your highest nature. Perfect for those at a time of transition looking for guidance or direction. This container provides personalized support to begin living and leading in a more spirit-led way.


Spirited Leadership Cafe

A free monthly gathering exploring the foundations of the Spirited Leadership work.

Get a taste for the Spirited Leadership work inside these complimentary monthly sessions. Every month brings something new, exploring different fundamentals of what it means to live and lead in a more genuine, fulfilling, and spirit-guided way. We invite you to join us online inside the next Spirited Leadership Cafe session!


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